Posted by: mosblog | December 15, 2010

Tonight’s Dinner Conversation

Noah: Water is a begetable.
Bella: No it’s not. It’s a liquid.
N: It’s a begetable, Bella.
B: Noah, if I say something like “liquid” or “ancient” you need to believe me because I learned it at school. Like if I said “Mesopotamia is a liquid” that wouldn’t be true. That’s not true. I wouldn’t say it. Water is a liquid and I know that.

I finally had to tell them to quit talking because they couldn’t quit arguing about whether or not Bella could be the authority on these things based just on the fact that she’s older and learns about history and science in school.

Now I need to go break up a fight about whether or not dinosaurs are extinct. Whose kids are these?



  1. I love it!! It reminds me of why God gives us kids when our brains are young and smart…:0)

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