Posted by: mosblog | December 23, 2010

Master Manipulator?

Noah: Mom! Does little boys has to be gentlemans?
Me: Well, not all the time, but it’d be good if they were. Why?
N: Cuz Bella just say’d I need to be a gentleman and get all duh books for us.

I’ve been teaching Noah that a real man, or a gentleman, doesn’t toot in front of the ladies. He really does try to keep them in when he’s around women for that very reason. I’ve also used the gentleman thing to teach him about not hiting his sister (or any other girl). I guess though that Bella saw an opportunity here and decided that when she doesn’t feel like doing something she needs to just inform Noah that it’d be a gentleman’s thing to do to try to get him to do her dirty work. Kids!


  1. I’d say she’s more of an opportunist than a manipulator. She’s one smart cookie that Bella. 🙂

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