Posted by: mosblog | December 31, 2010

New Year, New Me?

I’ve never been good at New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, I can’t even remember what my 2010 ones were. Maybe I didn’t make any? If I did they were probably (once again) *Read the Bible more *Work out more *Parent better *Quit smoking….or something like that. I don’t smoke but if I did I would have had “Quit smoking” on 2010’s to-do list and I’d still be a smoker right now. Moving on…

I was listening to klove (every 4th song is good and you know it!) and they were talking about this guy who was challenging people to pick ONE WORD out for the new year. ONE word that would help you to accomplish your goals for that year. Check it out at

So, instead of coming up with lists, I’ve come up with one word. It’s “Diligence.” The definition is: constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken; persistent exertion of body or mind. I want to do what I do well. None of this  doing anything half-ass anymore. (sorry for the strong language but I’m truly sick of being mediocre). I’m a Mom, a Wife, a Cook, a Housekeeper, a Follower of God, a Seamstress, and a Women’s Ministry Leader (plus about a million other little things within each of those). I want to be diligent about each of those titles I have. I want to put out a constant and earnest effort to accomplish the things I undertake.

There you have it! I won’t do this well all the time, but having ONE WORD to focus on will help me when I get off track.

And if I ever take up smoking I’ll be diligent about quitting that, too.



  1. Hey, you’re also a shipping and receiving clerk! Don’t forget that important job!

    I think you’ll do great. I like the “one word” idea! I think mine will be… “marzipan”…

  2. In trying to figure out where “Marzipan” originally came from it is said that it “is from Arabic mawthaban ‘king who sits still.’ Nobody seems to quite accept this, but nobody has a better idea.”

    I’m thinking I’m going to need to be more diligent if you’re going to be: king who sits still.

  3. Well played, darling. Well played!

  4. I love your pic up top AND thanks for shaing the one word idea!

  5. My word is “integrity”. It can be used in any of the trades…tailoring, carpentry, mommyhood. My vision is to be lined up with the Word of God, speaking and living Truth. Maybe it will even carry over to my sleep state. I have been known to have nightmares (PTSD) and say some pretty yucky stuff while asleep. I’ll pray for your diligence and ask you to pray for my integrity.

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