Posted by: mosblog | January 13, 2011

A Convo About Marriage

Me: Noah, you’re going to make a really good husband someday.
Noah: What? ‘Member when you say’d to me dat I don’t has to get married? (I nod) Well, I’m not going to get married to anybody.
Me: Well that’s fine, but if you ever change your mind that’s okay too. (then we have the whole talk about where Paul said in the Bible that it’s better if you’re not married, etc.) Why don’t you want to get married, anyway?
Noah: I don’t want anybody to see me being married. It’s too embarrassing.

Apparently if you can’t marry your Mom or your Sister it’s better to just not be married at all. I wish I had known this before. How embarrassing!



  1. Two of my favorite days in my whole life were when my boys decided they could never, ever find someone to love as much as they love me. Now of course I’m just waiting for boy #2 to prove that theory wrong!

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