Posted by: mosblog | June 8, 2011

Believing Lies…

I was thinking the other day about how when I was growing up I believed people’s opinions. Not truth. Just opinions.

I was thinking about this because Noah came home and was about to cry because someone told him he was a scaredy cat. I asked him “Are you a scaredy cat?” To which he said, “No!” I told him it was kind of sad that that kid was wrong and that he should feel bad for that kid. As a parent I want to smack kids who tell my kids things like, “You’re a naughty person!” or “You don’t live up to your name (Bella).” Instead, I’m trying to teach my kids that when someone says something like that, maybe you should just feel sorry for them because they either are telling a lie, or they just don’t know the truth, and that’s sad.

I want them to know that what I’ve told them about who they are, and what they believe they are (especially right now as a kid with high self esteem), and what God tells them they are, well those things are all true. Yes, I am biased, but also right. I don’t lie about it. If they look ridiculous in something they chose to wear and they ask me about it I’ll just help them kind of fix it so they don’t look so silly.

Anyway, so then I think back about the lies I believed when I was a kid…”You’re fat!” “You won’t be any good at basketball!” “You’re a quitter.” and I think about the lies I believe now…”You’re fat!” “You’re not good at anything.” “You’re proud.” “You’re a quitter.” And I realize that I need to be in the Word more, learning what God thinks of me and believing it. And that’s what I need to teach my kids. Lies will be told to you about who you are, whether from another person, or yourself, and you need to only believe what God says about you. Because it’s not just someone’s opinion. It’s truth.



  1. I love this! Well spoken, Monica. I LOVE how you explain things to your children and how you internalize the lessons you are learning to teach them. It is a BEAUTIFUL thing.
    PS – You are not fat. You are good at LOTS of stuff. Your humility is still intact. Don’t quit blogging… what you have to say is worth hearing. 🙂

  2. I love what you wrote. You are exactly right. We must fill our hearts and minds with the TRUTH (God’s truth) and teach it to our children (and grandchildren!) I agree with you; we must be in the Word or else the lies defeat us. I love what Beth Moore says…..God is who He says He is, God can do what He says He can do, I am who God says I am, I can do all things through Him, and God’s Word is alive and active in me….I’m believing God!

    I always look at your blog, hoping for a new post. You have a way of writing that always touches me.

  3. You’re beautiful, I’m sure you’d be great at basketball if you wanted to be, and no quitter can finish the number of sewing projects you have. WORD.

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