Posted by: mosblog | June 29, 2011

In love with a Quilt Pattern

Who knew I could be in love with a quilt pattern? Well, I am. And you will be too. The best part?  Allison at is awesome enough to give a free tutorial on how to make it. Now, if only she’d give me the fabric too!!!

And for the record, my Dad is shocked that I am going to be taking a beginners quilt class. At first I was honored. I thought he was surprised because he assumed I already knew how to make anything and everything. But no, he was shocked because he feels that making quilts is “so country.” Obviously he hasn’t seen Allison’s quilt above!

Oh, and if you want to make one too, go HERE! (but don’t make one before I do or I’ll cry)



  1. Too late. I already made one.

  2. Curses! I cry!

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