Posted by: mosblog | July 23, 2011


So I rarely go yardsaling. I never find much so it doesn’t seem worth my time, BUT I decided to go today. Bella went with me. We work well together at yard sales. We both love going and she’s just shopping for books! (after I told her how gross it was to buy used stuffed animals!)

Anyway, to the good part. I went to a yard sale that had all antiques. It was GLORIOUS! And it was a guy in his late 30’s and he didn’t really care how much he sold stuff for since he “had 2 houses and 2 storage units full of antiques.” I hate him. Moving on.

I got this find from him for $40. And it’s FULL of really old cool stuff. I mean, I would have paid $40 even if it were empty, but there’s tons of drawer pulls, embelishments, skeleton keys, and so much more in it! Yay, yippee, yay!!!!

These things never happen to me! (and I really want to go back and get more stuff…)



  1. Would you consider selling me a skeleton key?? I’ve been looking for one in antique stores.

    • My original plan was to sell all but one of them but now that I own them I’m having a hard time thinking of parting with any. :o) But for you, I’d do nearly anything so….yes.

      • Thank you sweet girl. I am honored. I’ll call you so I can come over and I will bring the piece that is just clamoring for a key. I trust your design instincts much more than mine.

  2. O M Goodness…I WANT ONE!!! Remember when we went to the thrift store at the Episcopal church all the time??
    Are those more tats I see on your arm??? You are my favorite “edgy” friend my lady:-) What are they? I don’t get to see nearly as many tats as I did when i was a SoCal resident…I miss them…maybe I should get one…or maybe you guys should just come visit??~

    • Hey Girly,

      I don’t have more tattoos, just working on the rest of my 3/4 sleeve. :o) It’s a family tree with images in it for each person in my family. A heart with a breast cancer ribbon through it in memory of my Mom, an achor for my Dad, a lightning bolt for Noah, and then eventually I’ll have added images for the rest of us in the family. Love and miss you!!!

  3. That would totally stress me out. I’d be so worried about all those keys and what they opened and all those locked things that no-one could open. I just couldn’t bear it! Not that I’m a freak or anything…

  4. Curses!!!!

  5. is that an old library card catalog???? awesome.

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