Posted by: mosblog | September 11, 2011

Another conversation with Noah…

Noah and I were laying in his bed chatting before he was to sleep. We talked about school (he can’t wait to start so he can have recess) and the fact that Abram is nervous about school because he doesn’t want his name on the board (to which Noah decided Abram was a nice boy and wouldn’t get on the board). Then after a long pause in which we were both just looking at the wall the following conversation was had…

N: Momma, are you sinking what I’m sinking?
M: I don’t know…what are you thinking?
N: What are YOU sinking?
M: I was just thinking I really need to finish the trim around your windows so I can put your curtains up.
N: Oh, I was sinking about some concrete with a big hole in it and people would walk along and fall in. I guess we weren’t sinking about the same thing.


  1. Hahaha, that was SO awesome! You were WAY off.

  2. Sounds like a convo we would have in our house. 🙂

  3. Just love a little man’s perspective! When Ty was little he spent every day looking out the window at the construction site next door. I even have pictures of Ty sucking his thumb while watching. That was his world for quite awhile. After the digging one of the guys brought Ty a Tonka Truck backhoe and then gave him a ride on the real one! All I could “sink of” the whole time was, Tyler will never take his nap and he will be crabby the rest of the day 😦

  4. you really should write a book about Noah’s conversations. It would be a bestseller!

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