Posted by: mosblog | November 21, 2011


We are discovering in our house that we don’t have quite enough lighting going on. The good news is, I found my dream light AND it’s on sale!!! Isn’t it amazing??? (calculates in head: let’s see….if each of my 462 friends on facebook pitched in $4.28 that would about cover it! i think this is going to work out just fine!!!)



  1. Curses! Put your money away, friends. Eric said no. 😦

  2. WHAT????? Who wouldn’t love this!?!?!

  3. It’s not that he doesn’t like it, it’s that he thinks we’d have to redecorate everything to go with it. Hello! I’m fine with that! Restoration Hardware sells LOTS of stuff including the couch I want, so I’m still not sure what his problem with it is…

  4. Sorry Eric, I thought I was buying a couple of coffee cozies in a black star motif and when I got home I discovered they were navy blue 😦 You can imagine the thoughts going through my head..”.Eric really needs to buy Monica a proper light”, or “poor girl she actually thinks navy blue is black.”
    Then the next comment in my head was “Nancy, make an eye appt. you are really losing it!”

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