Posted by: mosblog | March 3, 2014

Paleo Recipe Links

A few Paleo Recipes we like. There are way more than this!

Nom Nom Paleo’s Kale Chips! Great as a snack to keep around for a couple days (they haven’t done well in the container longer than that).

Almond Flour Pumpkin Muffins. My kids love them too! To make truly Paleo replace the butter with ghee. I buy my ghee (clarified butter) and almond flour/meal from Trader Joes.

Bacon-Apple Chicken Burgers by the Paleo Mom are a favorite of Eric’s. I use ground turkey, and I don’t make them into patties. I just cook them up all together crumbled up in the pan. Noah hates the cranberry sauce. Like, with a passion.

Crock Pot Apple Sauce was a HUGE hit at the potluck at church. HUGE! I used Fuji Apples. As soon as apples are on sale again I’m going to make a ton more and freeze as much of it as I can save before we eat it all.

Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Muffins. Noah loves these. Loves! I made them with Shredded Un-sweetened Coconut instead of the chocolate.  I buy the Almond Butter and Coconut Flour at….you guessed it, Trader Joes.

Creamy Leek Soup is delicious! It smells a little strange and cauliflower-y while you’re cooking it, but it’s really great! It’s yummy, too with chopped Pistachios on it or diced bacon.

Basil-Avocado Salmon. Eric and I and our guests liked it. The kids didn’t even try it as they don’t think they like salmon (because they won’t try it and I don’t care if they do or not at this point).

And for lots and lots of really good recipes and really great tips on cooking, buy this: Michelle’s NomNomPaleo Cookbook. You can’t find her recipes on her web site (as far as I could see), but everything in her cookbook that I’ve made so far is so good! I highly recommend buying the book. Worth every penny! If you don’t buy it, I’m guessing the recipes on her web site are great too.


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