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We are discovering in our house that we don’t have quite enough lighting going on. The good news is, I found my dream light AND it’s on sale!!! Isn’t it amazing??? (calculates in head: let’s see….if each of my 462 friends on facebook pitched in $4.28 that would about cover it! i think this is going to work out just fine!!!)

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I’ve Finally Arrived!

A series of events took place recently that made me realize I have arrived as being a full on Mom! I mean, it’s pretty obvious I’m a Mom. I have kids. But, now I’ve found out that I’m a good Mom! Here’s what happened….

Eric, Noah and I were eating lunch with some friends. Noah started talking about poop or something gross. Thankfully no one else had heard him. As soon as he started talking about it he looked at me  out of the corner of his eye to see if I was listening. I said NOTHING, only gave him “the Mom look.” To which he put his head down and said, “Okay,” and stopped talking about it.

I’m so proud of that look! :o)

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Sisters’ Show Blog

Hey Friends! The Sisters’ Show now has it’s own blog. Check it out HERE! The next show is coming up in about 6 weeks and you’ll want to be there so be sure to follow the new blog as it develops!

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Sister’s Fall Show

We’re talking about dates, we’re working on some prototypes, we’re getting excited, we’re adding a couple new “sisters.” You won’t want to miss this!!!! Stay tuned in the coming days (hopefully) for more info!!!

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And now Bella weighs in…

Me (yes, I’m ashamed I said this, it was after she had just shoved a crazy amount of food into her mouth): Bella, you’re the blondest little hoggy I’ve ever known!
Bella: Well you’re the blondest nicest Mommy I’ve ever known.
Me: That means that either a) you’re a liar or b) you only know really mean mommies.
Bella: I know I’m not a liar so I guess all the mommies I know are even meaner than you.

Uh, thank you?

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Another conversation with Noah…

Noah and I were laying in his bed chatting before he was to sleep. We talked about school (he can’t wait to start so he can have recess) and the fact that Abram is nervous about school because he doesn’t want his name on the board (to which Noah decided Abram was a nice boy and wouldn’t get on the board). Then after a long pause in which we were both just looking at the wall the following conversation was had…

N: Momma, are you sinking what I’m sinking?
M: I don’t know…what are you thinking?
N: What are YOU sinking?
M: I was just thinking I really need to finish the trim around your windows so I can put your curtains up.
N: Oh, I was sinking about some concrete with a big hole in it and people would walk along and fall in. I guess we weren’t sinking about the same thing.

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Noah’s Pre-Piano Camp

Noah went to 3 weeks of Pre-Piano Camp put on by my sister, Emily Ferrell. If you’re in Lake County look her up on facebook under “Piano Lessons by Emily.”

Each day they learned about a new composer so I’d ask Noah about it. The funniest ones were yesterday and today. Here’s how it went down….

Me: Noah, who did you learn about today?
N: A famous composer. His name was HANDLE. Isn’t that SO funny? And he didn’t have cars or cameras so they had to paint him.
Me: Is he the one that composed a song that goes “Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia….”
N: Oh, yes. How did you know that?

Me: Who was your composer today, Noah?
N: It was a mystery at first, but it was US!
Me: You were the composer?
N: Yes. I can show you in my book.
Me: Cool! Who was your favorite composer you learned about?
N: Me!
Me: Ok, then who was second?
N: A guy named Woofgang! He was only 5 years old when he composeded something! And he was from this place that the guy who tattooed your arm was from.
Me: Susanville?
N: No, Germany!
Me: What? Oh, you mean Jeremy?
N: Yeah, but Woofgang was FROM Germany.
Me: Alrighty, well why did you like Wolfgang the best?
N: Because he was FIVE like me!

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So I rarely go yardsaling. I never find much so it doesn’t seem worth my time, BUT I decided to go today. Bella went with me. We work well together at yard sales. We both love going and she’s just shopping for books! (after I told her how gross it was to buy used stuffed animals!)

Anyway, to the good part. I went to a yard sale that had all antiques. It was GLORIOUS! And it was a guy in his late 30’s and he didn’t really care how much he sold stuff for since he “had 2 houses and 2 storage units full of antiques.” I hate him. Moving on.

I got this find from him for $40. And it’s FULL of really old cool stuff. I mean, I would have paid $40 even if it were empty, but there’s tons of drawer pulls, embelishments, skeleton keys, and so much more in it! Yay, yippee, yay!!!!

These things never happen to me! (and I really want to go back and get more stuff…)

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Another misunderstood lesson…

Bella and Noah’s convo…

Bella: Noah, want to play this card game with me?
Noah: No.
a few minutes later….
Bella: Plllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, Noah? Please play this card game with me.
Noah: Bella, I’m a man of my word and I already said no, so it’s still no!

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In love with a Quilt Pattern

Who knew I could be in love with a quilt pattern? Well, I am. And you will be too. The best part?  Allison at is awesome enough to give a free tutorial on how to make it. Now, if only she’d give me the fabric too!!!

And for the record, my Dad is shocked that I am going to be taking a beginners quilt class. At first I was honored. I thought he was surprised because he assumed I already knew how to make anything and everything. But no, he was shocked because he feels that making quilts is “so country.” Obviously he hasn’t seen Allison’s quilt above!

Oh, and if you want to make one too, go HERE! (but don’t make one before I do or I’ll cry)

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